Monday, September 28, 2009

Such an incredible amount of poured concrete in post secondary institutions, and even as I sit in the incredible glass building that is the Langara library, complete with bamboo, breathing roofs and lake-like moats (even ducks! even ducks swim in them) I can't help but feel like the most lifeless file clerk this side of an office tower downtown (and they're actually doing what they want to be doing)

Yes, I ached for J school
Yes, I sweated and bled over my applications.

But here I am, choking down economic theories and remembering the days in the summer when I was actually living my shit, was actually PRACTICING journalism and BEING an independent journalist, instead of swallowing someone else's antiquated wisdom and filing information back in my brain to be regurgitated later.

It's probably a bitter moment, a mere bitter moment.

But all I feel like saying, is baby, I see through it.
The glass tower just ain't my bag.

Check back with me tommorrow... it's probably going to look like the other side of the coin.


  1. I share in your disenchantment.

    Word on the street is that you're making your way back to the isle soon. Jazzed to see you and (hopefully) get everyone together!

  2. I think Nick's feeling your pain, he's going to school to get a degree to do the job he's already done (teaching). How backwards is our society??

  3. Weird, it used my blog instead of my name. Suddenly I'm anonymous and mysterious.
    It's Nina.

    There goes the mystery.

  4. Oh dahling, I feel you!

    Hence I am taking a year off. But I'll go back, because - as was aptly put - how backward is society that in-real-life experience is

    To be positive, education is never a bad thing... unless you're fanatic. But all things fanatic are pretty evil. You've got a whole bag of grains of salt to see you through your studies, and plenty of wit to doublethink your way to success.

    It's all the same coin love.

    Hope we get to see each other again sometime!

  5. ** ... in real-life experience is hindered by a creativity-stifling degree-mill.

    Don't know why that cut off. Huh.

  6. pain of the wrong place, the wrong path, committment, money, save face or live true. die on a path that is not the RIGHT path or bravely, courageouly, even-if-ly forge through the wire and brambles,the concrete moats and cement duck ponds, the glass(not ceiling but) walls to the RIGHT: of the path that is the truth to you and IS your you are bouyant, na soaring into YOUR WAY.....fear is banished, truth spirit runs free again... smiles and beauty and boundless energy...right on!!!!!..cavegirl