Sunday, March 29, 2009

Something I've noticed lately,

is that the sun keeps coming up.

Every day, we get loaded deeper and deeper into our graves, with news of what's coming, speeding, hurteling down the drainpipe into our unprotected faces.
Everything is melting, dying, or setting on fire.
And yet, as I write this, at 4:15 in the morning, the happy little cub that cleans the streets is bustling by, and soon, the sun will be coming up.

Just like it did yesterday. Probably tomorrow too.

I'm constantly amazed at our human ability to focus on the present, without actually living in it. How we live in the future, without seeing the kind of future our silly dreams will have us living.

Maybe this is where the secret to fixing all of our problems lies; the one great, all holy answer that is always just dangling like a carrot from some invisible thread, right there in front of our glassy and distracted eyes.

Maybe it's in this middle ground, this no mans land that we always skip over. We're always down in the trenches, smoking ciggarettes, writing letters home. Or, we're stuck in the anguish of passion, charging over the top, firing all barrels without the faintest idea who, or what, we're shooting at.

What if w just climbed over the edge of the trench, gradually? Step by step, walked towards the enemy, walked, towards the future.
Perhaps each step would provide clues, slow, methodical, understandable clues.

And we would lean enough to stop, and rest comfrotably in the middle of this no man's land for a little while, safe, warm, wrapped in the true meaning of today.

And we could stay there for a while, comfortably.

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