Monday, February 2, 2009

school and the service industry

I used to believe that the service industry was the sole killer of young, supple youth. Late hours, a prevailing drinking culture, the only relief from the hectic busy floor is a cigarette sucked back behind the dumpster, or a shot of whiskey, at the opportune moment when the management has turned their backs.

I have since learned that the ivory tower is just as toxic.

I've sat down for 10 hours today and I'm not even done yet! I've started drinking 6 cups of coffee a day, my hands are continuously attached to a humming machine which I cannot understand, and the whirr of the flourescent lights above my head is slowly boring holes into my brain. I am running on redbull and will power, with occasional breaks for nicotine.


maybe all the knowledge is settling like sediment in my hips.

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