Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dunhills, Buckets of Coffee, and the thrilling world of highere education

Waiting for the editorial meeting to start and trying to be productive as possible with forgotten resources, letting the writing gods come. I had an excellent interview with Mike, the shop teacher for vic high, man with smile lines who listens to funk and agrees with me on how sweet life is within the first five minutes of conversation. I walked in and he was moonwalking, yes, moonwalking around the shop listening to james brown, waxing down a 1960's chevy. It was so exicting to see someone from the car generation jumping around at the thought of bikes being the first step for all mechanics, and cars taking a back seat. Loving more and more this delving into the world of journalism, I hope to look back on these days sometime as my glory days, when I've found my footing and leigons of fans, gone through a (another?) serious drug addiction and period where I sleep with models and strictly models, and have people care enough about me to give my work colour periods. I reckon this one would be eggshell.."during the artists eggshell period, she ate a lot of quinoa, slept in a living room, and took whatever assignments she could get, including dry college policy changes and doggy daycare reviews"

Lesson of the day: 9-5's get in the way of anything close to production


  1. I can tell just by this entry that you're a fantastic writer...I'm sure you can give Doggie Daycares a spectacular Suzie Savage spin!

    Love from Phoenix (I wish I can see you soon!)